June 28, 2010

Jaden Smith Kiss: Trouble?

Jaden Smith has become a bonafide movie star with his latest hit, the "Karate Kid" remake. But his father Will Smith had some serious advice for Jaden Smith on how not to get in trouble with his first kiss scene!

According to Jaden, his dad said "'Don't kiss with your mouth open, you're definitely too young for that!' "interesting and a little bit weird. Our faces were like, this close, and we had to stay there so the shot was right. It's kind of awkward. I'm good at kissing, so it wasn't as challenging as it could've been had I not had previous experience."

Jaden;s dad Will Smith starred in many hits like Men in Black and Hancock, as well as being a top rap star back in the day with lots of his records.. back when they were actualyl records!

Jaden Smith Kiss: Trouble?

JADEN Smith says his superstar dad Will gave him some handy advice when it came to his first big screen kiss. Before filming, Jaden says he trained for three months with Master Wu from Jackie Chan's stunt team. "I knew all of Jackie's stuff. He and my dad are my two biggest influences," he said. "Jackie is really cool. Every time that he would come on set, he would say good morning in a different language. "He was always teaching me new things, like how to stretch and do martial arts forms correctly.

Jaden Smith Kiss: Trouble?

Posted at June 28, 2010 3:22 AM