June 18, 2010

Gail Posner, Dogs In WIll

Weathly heiress Gail Posner has her family in an uproar with the will that she left behind before she passed away, as the last will and testament leaves her mansion and millions of dollars to her dogs.

Posner died last march, and her son has accused the woman's aides of conspiring to control her fortune, even saying they may have drugged her.

Gail Posner Dogs

Heiress Gail Posner's dogs are used to living in the lap of luxury, and despite their owner passing away, it seems they won't have to make any adjustments to their lifestyle. The New York Post reports that Posner has left her $8.3 million Miami mansion and a $3 million trust fund to her beloved three dogs, including one named Conchita. Posner died in March. Posner's only living son, Carl, a small-time filmmaker, is disputing the will, filing a lawsuit to have it revoked and accusing his mother's aides of drugging her in a conspiracy to gain control over her considerable wealth.

Gail Posner Dogs

Posted at June 18, 2010 8:16 AM