June 1, 2010

Joe Walsh Restraining Order (VIDEO)

Legendary guitarist from the Eagles, Joe Walsh, is back in the spotlight again for an unpleasant reason, as he has had to take out a restraining order against one of his own neighbors.

The neighbor of the 70s pop-rock legend is named nassar Adhoot, and is an elderly man who lives hear Walsh. Adhoot has reportedly threatened to kill the rock musician, and Walsh says the old man has even trespassed onto his property, and attacked an assistant to the guitarist with a wood block .

The man allegedly shouted aloud that he planned to kill Walsh, and shoot him. Hopefully the legal system will take care of this threat, and no further harm will come to anyone as the police and the courts work it out, and perhaps mental health facilities can be found to give counseling and care to this clearly mentally ill old man.

Joe Walsh Restraining Order (VIDEO)

EAGLES guitarist JOE WALSH has filed for a restraining order against an elderly man who allegedly threatened to kill him. The rocker has asked a judge to ban his neighbour Nassar Adhoot, who is in his 70s, from coming near him after the man allegedly trespassed on his property earlier in May (10) and attacked his personal assistant with a block of wood. In legal documents, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Walsh claims Adhoot then shouted out, "You tell Joe Walsh I'm going to kill him. I'm going to shoot him."

Joe Walsh Restraining Order (VIDEO)

Posted at June 1, 2010 4:09 AM