May 31, 2010

Byron Pitts Afghanistan Bomb-Hunting Unit (VIDEO)

On 60 Minutes this weekend we got a rare glimpse of what life is like for a bomb-hunting unit in Afghanistan, as their reporter Byron Pitts tagged along for a firsthand view.

Pitts showed the high stress of this work, as they face one threat after another in this war torn land.

Byron Pitts Afghanistan Bomb-Hunting Unit

Byron Pitts, who was seen on 60 Minutes this week with a bomb-hunting unit in Afghanistan, first worked first at a weekly newspaper that didn't even give him a notebook. His first TV reporter gig in Greenville, N.C. only paid $8,600 a year and the next in Norfolk, Va. just a little better at $12,000. Yet, he rose through the ranks, becoming a CBS News correspondent in 1998, first in Miami and then Atlanta, before moving to New York in 2001.

Covering 9/11 as one of the lead reporters at CBS News earned Pitts a national Emmy. Not one to stay out of harm's way, Pitts has also travelled to cover the Iraq War, war in Afghanistan, the refugee crisis in Kosovo, Hurricane Katrina and other life-threatening news events. He won his first national Emmy covering the Chicago train wreck in 1999.

"60 Minutes' Byron Pitts goes on patrol with a bomb-hunting unit in Afghanistan. 60 Minutes cameras followed for more than a week as soldiers encountered one deadly bomb after another."

Posted at May 31, 2010 2:54 AM