May 30, 2010

Dennis Hopper Divorce, Sad Drama

As friends family and fans mourn the loss of Dennis Hopper and remember his long life and career, the sad drama of his personal life continues to play out after his death.

Hopper had been in a bitter dispute with his wife in his last days, filing for divorce during his illness and remaining mired in an acrimonious battle, with divorce lawyers going back and forth over the situation. The two had been married for 14 years, but had become estranged and Hopper was attempting to block her from claiming his money and assets.

But he was unable to get a divorce completed before he died, and now a probate battle in the courts is inevitable. His wife is expected to argue that they were still living together, because she was living on his property, though they were no longer living in the same home.

Dennis Hopper Divorce

Dennis Hopper's final months were consumed by a bitter deathbed divorce battle with his fifth wife, Victoria Duffy, 42, who had been married to the legendary wildman for 14 years. Hopper filed for divorce in January, when he was hospitalized in LA, claiming he wanted to "die in peace." In court papers, Hopper's seemingly demure wife (pictured at right with the actor in 2008) and mother of their 7-year-old daughter Galen is described as "insane and out of her mind" with "inhuman" tendencies. Hopper obtained a restraining order against her, banned her from his home and accused her of stealing more than $1.5 million of artwork.

Dennis Hopper Divorce

Posted at May 30, 2010 2:49 PM