May 30, 2010

Tom Cruise & Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

Cruise & Pattinson MTV PROMO

Robert Pattinson has faced all sorts of dangerous creatures in his role as the lead vampire in Twilight, but has has he ever seen the likes of Tom Cruise raging on him?

That is the situation Pattinson is facing as the star of the Twilight DVDs and Twilight Blu Ray movies takes on the Cruise character from Tropic Thunder, in a series of MTV ads. In the clips the movie mogul Les Grossman, played by Cruise, berates Pattinson about his upcoming appearances for the MTV awards.

"I'm flying Vidal f****** Sassoon here to personally give you a Brazilian blowout," Grossman says. "Your filthy hair made you a star. MTV is sporting mad wood over the fact that you're doing the show."

Tom Cruise also plays himself in his old Risky Business role, alongside himself as the agent Grossman.

Tom Cruise Robert Pattinson

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Tom Cruise was once rumored to be joining "The Twilight Saga" for a cameo - but he didn't need a movie to come face to face with Robert Pattinson. Just the MTV Movie Awards. In a promotional clip for the June 6 ceremony, the star reprised his role as balding "Tropic Thunder" movie mogul Les Grossman to advise R-Pattz on his appearance at the upcoming MTV awards show. "MTV is sporting mad wood over the fact that you're doing the show," Tom, in character, is seen telling Robert, before warning the "Twilight Saga" vampire not to clean up for the ceremony.

Tom Cruise Robert Pattinson

Posted at May 30, 2010 2:04 PM