May 23, 2010

Heigl: Sacrifice Sex!

Katherine Heigl is giving up sex for her baby, and she says that sacrifice is AOK with her!

The movie and TV star adopted a new baby from Korea, and in order to make sure the baby gets the best child care from her personally, she has had to miss out on alone time with her husband. But she says this is more than worth it.

Says Heigl "If parent time interferes with sexy time, that's that. Now it's time to re-evaluate and grow up... Enough with the drama." Hopefully they will be able to find a balance that lets them have both, later on!

Heigl: Sacrifice Sex

New mum KATHERINE HEIGL is learning to sacrifice alone time with her husband JOSH KELLEY after her baby girl vomited all over her sexy lingerie. The former Grey's Anatomy star adopted Naleigh from Korea last September (09) when the tot was just 10 months old, and Heigl admits she fast discovered how much of an impact motherhood would have on her sex life. The beauty reveals the last time she tried to get intimate with Kelley, Naleigh threw up on her sexy underwear - but it's a change she's more than happy to accept.

Heigl: Sacrifice Sex

Posted at May 23, 2010 4:24 AM