May 10, 2010

Man Killed for Cigarette

A shocking and tragic story in Miami, as a man was punched and killed in an incident based on nothing but a cigarette. The man was named Linsey Oliveira and died early this morning.

Linsey was asked at a nightclub whether he had a cigarette, and said no, then when he was walking away the man apparently sucker punched him, and he hit his head extremely hard on the ground as he fell, causing the fatal injury. This is often a hidden risk in this sort of confrontation, as the impact of the floor or the ground does more damage than the punch or kick.

A terrible story that one hopes expert lawyers, prosecutors and law enforcement teams will press hard to bring justice to.

Man Killed for Cigarette

Police say a 26-year-old Boca Raton man was killed on his way to a night club by a man who punched him after asking for a cigarette. Linsey Oliveira died early Monday at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital. Police say Oliveira and a friend tried to keep walking after telling the assailant they had no cigarettes, but the man dropped Oliveira to the ground with one punch. The friend said Oliveira's head violently knocked the sidewalk as he fell. Investigators are still searching for the attacker.

Man Killed for Cigarette

Posted at May 10, 2010 6:48 AM