May 23, 2010

Jesse James auctions bike, coffin

As he adapts to his new life as America's most hated man, Jesse James is apparently finding new ways to make money, including selling a bunch of his possessions on eBay.

James reportedly is listing some rare pre-war motorcycles, and some hand painted coffins, and other rare memorabilia he has collected as the head of West Coast Choppers.

According to a friend, "Jesse is trying to lead a very quiet life, He wants to get back to a normal routine." Meanwhile Sandra Bullock is getting on with her life as well, now that her marriage to James has ended thanks to his dishonesty and infidelity.

Jesse James auctions bike, coffin

Jesse James has reportedly turned to the online auction site eBay to earn extra cash, listing a handful of rare pre-war bicycles and other belongings on the Web site. Sandra Bullock's ex, 41, is looking to take in top dollar for items including West Coast Choppers memorabilia, motorcycle parts and a hand-painted mini coffin, according to The Web site quotes one of James' buyers as leaving encouraging feedback after a recent transaction: "And the Oscar for best eBaying goes toooo...thanks." PHOTOS: Revisit Sandra and Jesse's unsual romance.

Jesse James auctions bike, coffin

Posted at May 23, 2010 3:09 AM