May 29, 2010

Mindy McCready Suicide Attempt?

After Mindy McCready was hospitalized recently for what some reported was a suicide attempt, her representatives did not confirm this was the case. But now her mother has come forward to say the story of her daughter's hospitalization being from suicide attempt is absolutely true, though it is sad to hear.

McCready's mother says her daughter, who was on the Celebrity Rehab reality show for her addiction issues, has deep and complicated problems with addiction. "Obviously, people who take drugs definitely tell lies. But Mindy, this problem with the lying happened when she was a child. So I can't say it was a drug situation. She was sitting up on her computer, but she was completely talking out of her head."

Others note that the mother and daughter have a very strained relationship and it may be hard to tell who you can trust on any family situations. But either way, one hopes for all the best as Mindy tries to get back on the right track. Hopefully some counseling and therapy for her drug addiction will help.

Mindy McCready Suicide?

Earlier on Wednesday, a rep for Mindy McCready told Us that she could not confirm any reports of an overdose or suicide attempt, noting that Mindy and Gayle have a "volatile and unhealthy" relationship, one further strained by a custody battle over Mindy's son Zander. Mindy McCready's mother is adamant that the country singer tried to take her own life on Tuesday -- which led to her still-unexplained hospitalization. In an interview Wednesday, Gayle McCready says her daughter, overdosed on pills in a suicide attempt. Gayle tells Us that her daughter has taken such desperate measures before, noting "seven suicide attempts" that she is aware of "for sure."

Mindy McCready Suicide?

Posted at May 29, 2010 2:07 AM