July 28, 2010

Scottish Pole Dancing School Classes for Kids

Pole dancing for sic year old kids? Believe it or not this is actually happening in a Scottish dance teaching camp.

The club invites kids as young as six to learn pole dancing as a way to stay fit and get good healthy exercise, but critics of ccourse say the good health benefits are outweighed by how it increases your fitness for being in a strip club and objectifying yourself.

As one parent said: "Kids of that age shouldn't be exposed to that sort of thing...It's more Bangkok than Scotland. It is totally unacceptable. Parents will be horrified."

But over the phone, one of the people who runs the classes said "At the moment the age range we've got is six to 12. I've been teaching my little sister for four years and a lot of her friends come to the class as well. Honestly, they will love it.

Scottish Pole Dancing School Classes for Kids

FURY has erupted as girls aged just six are being targeted to take pole-dancing lessons. The Up Yer Pole club today starts under-16 classes for youngsters - with even primary schoolkids allowed to take part. But the move has sparked outrage among worried parents and child-care campaigners - with one claiming it verges on kid porn. One horrified mum - who emailed Lanarkshire-based Up Yer Pole for more info on their £5 tutorials - said: "The lessons are promoted as a way to keep fit. But they're so closely linked to the sex industry that it's really sleazy.

Scottish Pole Dancing School Classes for Kids

Posted at July 28, 2010 6:06 PM