August 19, 2010

Jailed for Facebook Friend Request!

A man in Florida was arrested and jailed this week, for adding his ex-wife on Facebook!

The man had been in a not so healthy relationship with his wife, apparently, leading to divorce lawyers setting up a contentious split that ultimately included the wife getting a restraining order.

Nowadays restraining orders naturally have to adjust to new technology, and can include contact through social media. Pretty ridiculous for him to make the request, really, but I bet he didn't think he'd wind up in jail for it! Next time you should respect her boundaries.

Jailed for Facebook Friend Request!

There is maybe - maybe - one person in my life I never really want to hear from again. OK, maybe two. If either of these people were to contact me I'd probably blog about it delete their voicemail/e-mail/Facebook friend request and move on. That's not the case for a Florida woman who filed charges against her ex-husband after he asked to be her "friend" on Facebook. Why the strong reaction? She had a restraining order against the man and, in her eyes, no contact including any and all social networking.

Jailed for Facebook Friend Request!

Posted at August 19, 2010 6:30 AM