August 3, 2010

Steve Carell, Sandra Bullock Join "The Abstinence Teacher"

Steve Carell and Sandra Bullock together? As you can see below it's about to happen, as they star together in a new comedy named The Abstinence Teacher.

The new movie is being put together by the makers of Little Miss Sunshine, and should be a big hit with two of America's favorites. Both are well qualified to teach about abstinence, after Bullock saw her husband's sex life go so horribly wrong, and Carell found fame as the 40-year-old Virgin. Bullock is more beloved than ever coming off of her Oscar victory for the Blind Side movie, and also won sympathy for the marriage troubles and divorce settlement she had to deal with after her husband cheated on her.

Steve Carell, Sandra Bullock Join "The Abstinence Teacher"

Who better to keep you away from sex than the 40 year virgin and a woman who relies on love potion number 9 to get a man? According to The Playlist, Steve Carell and Sandra Bullock will team up for a movie called The Abstinence Teacher, and yes, it's a comedy. The duo are the latest actors to be attached to the film that's been in development for years. Can the Oscar winner and one of the funniest comedians around get this movie pushed into production?

Posted at August 3, 2010 1:34 PM