August 15, 2010

Hottest People, Places, Trends (VIDEO)

What are the hottest people places and other trends for 2010? A complete list has been put together now for youe enjoyment, but you may not agree with all the results! Check for yourself with the link and video below.

Among the hottest trends cited in this newspaper piece are the Old Spice ad, the oh so suggestive Shake Weight workout plan, the frozen yogurt craze that continues to drive fitness and diet/nutrition aficionados, and the Sprint Nextel's HTC Evo smartphone, regarded as a worthy competitor to the iPhone.

Hottest People, Places, Trends (VIDEO)


These bizarre TV spots, starring sculpted funnyman Isaiah Mustafa, spawned a series of video shout-outs to Twitter followers.

HOT TREAT: Frozen yogurt

Ice cream's leaner cousin is melting hearts across the country as more soft-serve stations have moved in. And the biggest trend is do-it-yourself shops, which have stations where you can mix yogurt flavors with fresh fruit and candy toppings.

HOT GIMMICK: Shake Weight.

This workout gadget, spoofed in a "Saturday Night Live" skit, weighs in as one of the most talked-about TV product pitches since the Snuggie.

HOT CELEBRITY TREND: Remorselessness

Sorry celebrities are soooo over. Not so long ago, Tiger Woods and David Letterman publicly apologized about their affairs. This summer, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson practically bragged about how not sorry they were.

Hottest People, Places, Trends (VIDEO)

Posted at August 15, 2010 6:01 AM