August 9, 2010

Orthodox Christian Church patriarch feels "crucified" in Turkey (8/8/2010 60 Minutes)

Turkey has been working hard to gain respect in the western world, and show they are a free country that deserves trust from the world, but a 60 Minutes report on the Orthodox Christian Church there calls into question just how tolerant the country is at times.

I have been to visit Istanbul, Turkey as a tourist destiination and was impressed by how welcoming it was, and how friendly and relatable the Muslim country was, but fot the biggest remaining Christian church their patriarch says its not all cake and roses there.

According to the report, "Because we are here before this country becomes a Muslim country, much earlier. Since ever. Since the very beginning," the patriarch explained. Asked since the beginning of what, Patriarch Bartholomew said, "Of the foundation of our church, of the Church of Constantinople."

Orthodox Christian Church patriarch feels "crucified" in Turkey 8/8/2010 "60 Minutes"

Would it surprise you to learn that one of the world's most important Christian leaders, second only to the pope, lives in a country where 99 percent of the population is Muslim? His name is Bartholomew, and he is the patriarch of 300 million Orthodox Christians. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey, the latest in a line of patriarchs who have resided there since before there was a Turkey, since the centuries following the death of Jesus Christ. That's when Istanbul was called Constantinople and was the most important city in the Christian world.

Posted at August 9, 2010 6:02 AM