August 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Rehab: OK! First Interview, Appearances

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly set to get a whopping $1 million for her first interview after rehab, or at least that's the offer she's got coming from the British tabloid OK!

The troubled actress recently served a much shorter prison term than expected, for troubles that arose from her alleged alcohol and substance abuse problems, and now it looks like she will serve less than expected in the rehab as well.

Hopefully she has at least taken it seriously and gotten good counseling and therapy there. Lindsay really is a talented actress, unlike many other tabloid regulars, and even if she wasn't nobody wants to see someone out of control and having therir life go wrong. Well that's not true, all of America wants to see it, but we should learn not to be so gossipy.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab: OK! First Interview, Appearances

Lindsay Lohan has been offered $1 million for her first post-jail interview by OK! magazine, sources tell the Hollywood Reporter. She is also set to collect a slew of appearance fees and paychecks for stories of her time inside. The first interview could come sooner than expected as Lindsay is set for an early release from rehab, possibly later this week. She left jail and entered rehab on August 2 and was supposed to stay for 90 days. Doctors reportedly think her drug and psychiatric problems require less inpatient care than previously thought, but a judge will have to sign off on an early release from her rehab sentence.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab: OK! First Interview, Appearances

Posted at August 19, 2010 7:37 AM