September 12, 2010

Anti-Koran Burning Protest (VIDEO)

In the aftermath of the media-generated controversy over an obscure small town pastor who talked about burning the Qu'ran (or Koran as some in the media spell it), two people have died in Afghanistan during protests sparked by the publicity stunt.

The Pastor, whose name will not get any publicity here, pulled back on his plans to burn the holy book, but protests have continued as people around the world are upset by the planned event that would have never been an issue if the news media didn't give this unknown church so much needless attention. See the link beloe for video and photos.

Let us hope that all these cable channels wuill learn a little more responsibility, and think twice about giving camera time to every crackpot with a tv-friendly mustache. Emotions and fear are running high in America, and we need to be responsible and clear, now more than ever.

Anti-Koran Burning Protest

Two protesters died and four were injured as Afghans protested for a third day Sunday against a plan by an American pastor to burn copies of the Islamic holy book, despite his decision to call off the action. Mohammad Rahim Amin, chief of the Baraki Barak district in eastern Logar province, said the deaths and injuries occurred when Afghan soldiers opened fire on hundreds of protesters who were trying to storm the local government headquarters. During recent protests against the Koran burning, Afghans have regularly targeted the pro-Western government.

Anti-Koran Burning Protest

Posted at September 12, 2010 3:21 PM