September 11, 2010

Tricorder a Reality! (2010 Science Breakthroughs)

Remember the tricorder,. that gadget they used to use on Star Trek that could figure out what any space object was made out of? Well scientists say they are close to making a real life tricorder, that can analyze the chemical composition of any object that you hold it over!

The device sprays a certain type of mist onto an object, then reads it with a spectrometer. It can be used to test for drugs, dangerous bacteria, and any other sort of chemical compound or substance.

Tricorder a Reality! 2010

Purdue researchers have come up with a handheld device they say can determine the chemical composition of an object or detect trace elements on its surface, sort of like the tricorder that the actors used to whip out on Star Trek. Mini 11 The chemical analysis tool sprays a fine mist of charged water droplets onto an object. The water droplets cling to particles on the surface of the object. The ionized particles are separated and dried out; the chemicals that remain thus provide a chemical map to the surface of the item tested or the object itself. If there are skin cells or other organic tissue on something, the device will detect it.

Tricorder a Reality! 2010

Posted at September 11, 2010 6:03 AM