October 24, 2010

Islamic Court Wife Beating in UAE (VIDEO)

A court in the United Arab Emirates has ruled that it's okay for a husband to beat his wife or child, as long as he just make sure not to leave any marks on her.

This Islamic court in the UAE ruled using an extreme interpretation of Sharia Law, that treats this as acceptable though many others including many muslims would regard this as abusive. See below for more details. The verdict was made after a case where a man left both his wife and daughter needing medical attention after they were hurt in his beating of them, with the 23 year old daughter having bruises, and the wife having a split lip and other minor injuries.

Islamic court wife beating, UAE VIDEO

Apparently, it is perfectly OK for a man to beat his wife and young children, according to the UAE's highest judicial body, as long as the thrashing doesn't leave any physical marks. The decision by the Federal Supreme Court shows the strong influence of Islamic law in the Emirates despite its international appeal in which foreign residents greatly outnumber the local population ...The court stated that the man crossed the line suggested by Sharia Law because the daughter was not a minor and the wife sustained visible injuries.

Islamic court wife beating, UAE

Posted at October 24, 2010 6:12 AM