October 3, 2010

Kelly Ripa Working Out (VIDEO)

Tiny little Kelly Ripa always stays in tip-top shape, but she says if you ever saw her while she was working out you wouldn't think she looks so hot! And how we have the video to prove it.

See the link below for the clip of Regis & Kelly giving the details on her Peter Pan work out plan.

Kelly Ripa Working Out

Kelly Ripa may be a fitness fanatic, but she swears she's not looking pretty as she works out. Last week on "Live! with Regis and Kelly," Ripa told guest co-host Bryant Gumbel that she looks like Peter Pan when working out. Ripa was discussing her workouts at SoulCycle, New York's cult spinning studio where she (along with many other celebrities) is a regular. "You would love it," she told Gumbel. "This is different [from cycling], this is really different, this is essentially yoga, weights, pilates, dancing all on a bike." Gumbel said he prefers to work out alone and said he was surprised that Ripa would work out in a group.

Kelly Ripa Working Out

Posted at October 3, 2010 5:27 AM