November 28, 2010

Cars Recall, November 2010 Safety

Car owners should be aware of the latest developments as several automobiles have been recalled in the month of November 2010.

Nissan, first and foremost, has announced a recall on its 2002, 2003 and 2004Fronter, amd the Xterra automobiles from the same period, which means over half a million cars being recalled due to possible safety issues around a steering column, which will be replaced.

No accidents have been reported, so no injuries or damage to anyone's car insurance rates, but as a precautionary measure cars are being taken out of circulation so parts can be replaced.

Cars Recall November 2010

Nissan yesterday announced a recall to replace the lower steering column joint and shaft on 303,000 2002-2004 Frontier and 283,000 2002-2004 Xterra vehicles and the positive battery cable terminal on 18,500 2010-2011 Sentra vehicles in several markets in North and South America and Africa. No accidents or injuries have been reported with either issue. Nissan recently discovered that in certain rare instances, the lower steering column joint on the affected Frontier and Xterra vehicles can develop corrosion that limits the movement of the joint.

Cars Recall November 2010

Posted at November 28, 2010 5:40 AM