January 6, 2011

1 Arrested, Arizona Mall Shooting

A terrible tragedy was barely averted yesterday, as an attempting mall shooting ended with no serious injuries, and the quick arrest of the shooter.

The gunfire that was exchanged between officers and the suspect lasted for some time, but thankfully caused no actual shootings, and authorities were able to apprehend the shooter and reopen the mall soon after. The gunman had entered the Baja Fresh restaurant in the mall, and began shooting,and the food court was immediately evacuated.

Said one witness about the confusion that ensued, "People said they killed somebody, that the guy was down, and then all of a sudden there was another suspect and he was blending in with the crowd. Then they made us evacuate more and we thought he was outside with us,"

1 Arrested Arizona Mall Shooting

A shootout at an upscale shopping center in suburban Phoenix sent shoppers fleeing and prompted a mall lockdown Wednesday as the suspect who had exchanged gunfire with officers holed up in a fast food restaurant, authorities said. The suspect surrendered Wednesday afternoon and no injuries were reported, officials said. Hours after the noon-hour parking lot gunbattle, authorities reopened the Chandler Fashion Center following a search that had been made to confirm only one suspect was involved in both the shooting and the standoff. "Thankfully, nobody was shot and nobody got hurt," Chandler police Sgt. Joe Favazzo said.

1 Arrested Arizona Mall Shooting

Posted at January 6, 2011 8:30 AM