March 17, 2011

Regis Philbin Medical Update

America's beloved Regis Philbin is in a medical situation again, and fans are worried about what it means for his health. How serious is Regis Philbin's medical condition?

It was announced this week that Regis Philbin will be going to the hospital for a medical procedure, which for followers will bring back memories of his serious heart surgery that he had just a couple of years ago.

But this time it is said he's having a procedure to find out why he has chronic indigestion, and nothing more. "I"m not alright. I've got the indigestion problem. It's more than indigestion. I just decided yesterday to go in for a ... scope. So annoying. Sometimes you have a meal and there's blockage and you can't get the food down. I have to drink the barium and they'll put me under the x-ray or MRI."

Regis Philbin Medical Crisis

Regis Philbin has been battling acid reflux-type stomach issues for months. Today, he needed a glass of water while on air, prompting Kelly Ripa to ask if he was ok. "Do you have food allergies?" asked Kelly. "Who are you, Nurse Nancy?" barked Reege. Philbin, 79, who has had hip replacement and heart surgery, said, "Everything's fine. I'm going to find out. I'm sure it's nothing. I just don't want to go in for another operation. I'm up to here with that. Do you know what I mean?"

Regis Philbin Medical Situation

Posted at March 17, 2011 4:41 AM