July 4, 2011

Denise Richards Introduces Baby (PICS)

Denise Richards has introduced her new baby to the world, and it is the cutest baby ever seen!

The ex-wife of ex-actor Charlie Sheen just adopted a baby girl named Eloise Joni, who is named after Denise's mother. Richards is best known for movies like Wild Things and her appearance in a James Bond film, as well as a classic comedic role in Undercover Brother. See more about her baby below.

Denise Richards Introduces Baby (PICS)

At age 40 years old Denise Richards, went from single mom of two to a single mom of three. Richards recently adopted a baby girl. She named her little girl, Eloise Joni. Eloise was named after Denise's mom, Joni. Sam and Lola, Richards daughters from her marriage to Charlie Sheen, helped pick the name Eloise. Richards has full custody of Sam.

Denise Richards Introduces Baby (PHOTOS)

Posted at July 4, 2011 10:00 AM