October 23, 2011

#UglyGirlsAreNotAllowed Trending Topic, Explained

One of the hottest trending topics today, I'm sorry to say, is #UglyGirlsAreNotAllowed, yet another in the long line of anti-female trends on Twitter.

As is far too often the case with these TTs, the #UglyGirlsAreNotAllowed hashtag is being used to spark a free for all of sexist jokes making fun of women and judging them for their appearance. Most of them use the tag as a setup to descrive various things "ugly girls" are not "allowed" to do. Some examples:

"#UglyGirlsAreNotAllowed To Play Hard To Get...Your Already Hard To Want"

"#uglygirlsarenotallowed 2 have their twitcon as they profile pic &background! Thats just 2 much ugly"

"#uglygirlsarenotallowed to say "single and loving it" because you have no choice."

You probably get the picture. Oh, the hilarity.

Quite a few tweets are calling out everyoen else for participating, and asking why so much hate and negativity is spread on twitter through hahstags like this. Sadly it doesn't seem like this overall trend will die down anytime soon.

Posted at October 23, 2011 9:17 PM