June 11, 2012

Prince William's Night Out With The Boys

Is Prince William returning to his old ways again? After getting married to Kate Middleton many people thought Prince William had changed his ways, and that diamond ring he bought had convinced him to give up his bachelor days and become "middle-aged."

But now tongues are wagging int he UK about new photos that surfaced of Prince William out on the town in a private club with one of his best male buddies. To see more details and pics see the link below.

Prince Williams Night Out

The Royal couple are said to prefer nights in front of the TV watching their favourite DVDs and eating home-cooked meals at their Anglesey home rather than enjoying a night on the tiles. So it was rather surprising to see William enjoying an evening out with close friend Guy Pelly at a private member's club in Mayfair.

Posted at June 11, 2012 7:25 AM