March 1, 2006

James Brown Meets Japanese Pop Stars(?) Tsuji and Aibon

I'm posting this in the hopes that my friend can explain who these girls are and what in the world is going on here:

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Oh my God did you find this!?

They are like 20 y.o. pop stars in JP, Mini-Moni.
In JP, girls (women) are the younger & the damner, the better...well accepted. sigh...

Thier tv show is changing (moving) thier air time so they are trying to see this superstar to let him PR this show or whatever... and they don't even know who JB is. They even called him James Brand in front of him... Back in da they, we used to eat SOBA noodle when you "move".

I feel sooo damn to explain all this already lol

Posted by: koko at March 2, 2006 1:17 AM

i have this part on video too.
the girls also go to a famous japanse j.b. collector to learn the j.b. moves.
then later they meet the man himself and present him some gifts.
it's just a funny videoclip.

j.b. has just finished his japanse tour and my friends tell me that he was as funky as ever !!


Posted by: j.b. collector no.1 at March 6, 2006 3:20 PM