March 16, 2006

South Park "Trapped In The Closet" Scientology Episode

Rumor has it Tom Cruise is pulling strings to make this episode disappear forever, so watch it while you can.

As noted below, Tom Cruise already prevented the show from airing in the UK.. and now he's allegedly stopping it from rerunning here:

Tom Cruise kills South Park episode (Uk Register)

UK TV viewers will not get to see an episode of South Park which shows Nicole Kidman and fellow Scientologist John Travolta attempting to coax a fictional Tom Cruise character out of a closet, with Kidman saying: "Don't you think this has gone on long enough? It's time for you to come out of the closet. You're not fooling anyone."

Naturally, the robustly heterosexual Top Gun star took exception to this when Trapped in the Closet aired in the US. The episode also showed Stan - believed by the Cruise character to be the reincarnation of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard - having a pop at Cruise's acting abilities, and Cruise reportedly waved the legal big stick at Paramount and threatened to sue if the offending programme was ever shown again.

An insider said: "Tom is famously very litigious and will go to great lengths to protect his reputation. Tom was said not to like the episode and Paramount just didn't dare risk showing it again. It's a shame that UK audiences will never see it because it's very funny."

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check this out: ! (personal experience of ex-scientology member, unfotunately in german)

*emperor xenu will come and crush you miserable heretics* booming voice from the deep void reveberating in my head the whole fucking day long... maybe two pills of LSD a day is not the best choice for mental health after all... on the other hand... why not start a religion and make some money out of it... yeah, seems like there's a lot of money to make... (the lost tapes of Ron Hubbard 50th)

Posted by: John D at March 20, 2006 11:29 PM