July 26, 2008

How To Make 3D Glasses (video)

A tutorial on how to make 3D Glasses, and accompanying video. For everyone looking to use 3d Glasses for the Hannah Montana movie.

How To Make 3D Glasses

Step 1
Download the pattern for your 3D glasses from the NASA website. Copy the pattern onto a piece of poster board and cut out the two side pieces that fit over your ears. Also cut the front piece that fits over your nose, remembering to cut openings for the lenses.

Step 2
Glue or tape the pieces together. Fold the forward edge of the ear pieces in slightly to attach them to the front piece of your 3D glasses.

Trace one eye hole onto a piece of red acetate and one onto a piece of blue acetate. Cut out pieces that are slightly larger than the pattern, and attach one piece of acetate to each eye opening on your 3D glasses.

How To Make 3D Glasses (video)

Posted at July 26, 2008 9:27 PM