August 26, 2008

Gov. David Paterson DNC Convention Speech (VIDEO)

Video of New york Governor David Paterson's speech at the DNC, 2008 Democratic convention. Another great speech from Paterson who I hope will continue to be a rising star. Love him so far! (video up as soon as its available)

Gov. David Paterson DNC Convention Speech (VIDEO)

* David Paterson came out on stage with his wife and son- the NY delegation goes wild and won’t let him speak, he opens his speech with his usual humor, “Thank you, my time is up.”
* Paterson talks about his blindness and his challenges throughout life in dealing with his disability
* Mentions Michelle’s speech last night and talks about the growing difficulties with the “American promise”
* “If McCain is the answer, then the question must be ridiculous.”
* “Let’s give ‘em [Republicans] four more months and then elect Barack Obama… because Barack Obama will restore prosperity and will make the changes we need to write a new chapter in the story of the promise of America. Thank you very much!”
* NY delegation chants “David, David!” as he exits the stage

Gov. David Paterson DNC Convention Speech (VIDEO)

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