August 28, 2008

Joe Biden DNC 2008, Convention Speech (VIDEO)

Full video of Joe Biden's VP nominee acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, DNC 2008.

Joe Biden DNC 2008, Convention Speech (VIDEO)

Democratic vice presidential pick Joseph Biden declared war on the Republicans, warning America did not need a "good soldier" but a wise leader to guide it through troubled times.

In a fierce opening salvo as Joe Biden joined Barack Obama in the battle for the White House, the Delaware senator's speech echoed a chorus of voices from the convention floor denouncing the "catastrophic foreign policy" of the Republicans.

And while he paid homage to the war record of Republican White House hopeful John McCain, he accused him and the administration of President George W. Bush of failed judgement and neglect, saying it was time to end the war in Iraq.

"As we gather here tonight, our country is less secure and more isolated than at any time in recent history," said Biden, 65, whose eldest son, Beau, will soon deploy to Iraq with the National Guard.

Joe Biden DNC 2008, Convention Speech (VIDEO)

Drawing on his 36 years in Senate and his vast foreign policy experience, he savaged the Republican Party accusing it of failing to protect the American people in what he called "extraordinary times."

"The Bush-McCain foreign policy has dug us into a very deep hole, with very few friends to help us climb out. For the last seven years this administration has failed to face the biggest forces shaping this century," he said.

The Bush administration had failed to address issues such as "the emergence of Russia, China and India as great powers, the spread of lethal weapons," as well as climate change "and the resurgence of fudamentalism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the real central front against terrorism."

Joe Biden DNC 2008 Speech Video

"The choice in this election is clear. These times require more than a good soldier; they require a wise leader, a leader who can deliver change, the change everybody knows we need..."

...Obama's call to the veteran Delaware senator Joe Biden has been seen by many as an admission that Obama's own meteoric rise and crusade for change are undercut by inexperience and fragile bonds with blue-collar Democrats.

But Biden showed off all his wit and rhetorical skills Wednesday raising the roof with his speech, before Obama joined him on the stage for a show-stopping finish.

Joe Biden DNC 2008, Convention Speech (VIDEO)

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One of d euralious speeches during d DNC convention in 2008 presidential campaigns in d USA.

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