January 17, 2009

Alan Belcher vs Denis Kang, UFC 93 (VIDEO)

Alan Belcher defeats Denis Kang at UFC 93 (VIDEO)

Round 2
Kang gets off with an early series of punches and Belchers answers with a right hand. Kang gets a smooth takedown into Belcher’s guard. Kang moves to half guard and looks briefly for a kimura. He gives up the hold as he is stuck in Alan Belcher’s defensive half-guard. Kang backs out and ends up in Belcher’s full guard. Referee Dan Miragliotta stands the fighters up with 90 seconds remaining. The crowd is growing restless as the fighters circle. Kang gets busy with his hands but he can’t connect. Denis Kang shoots for a single but is caught in a guillotine. He turns Kang over and forces a tapout. The official time is 4:36 of the second.

alan belcher vs denis kang ufc 93 (VIDEO)

Posted at January 17, 2009 10:59 PM