August 20, 2009

Mercury in Fish: The Lowdown

We've always known there were high levels of mercury in some fish. But new studies show that in America, mercury levels are significant in all fish nowadays. What does this mean for our health?

The latest studies by the EPA showed almost all fish tested had at least trace amounts of mercury, and about 1 in 4 had more than is considered safe. This means we have to be very careful about which fish we eat, because mercury poisoning can have serious health effects. See the article below for more details. And since the cause seems to be manmade pollution, this is yet another way in which we are ruining our own planet, another wake-up call about the need to change our lifestyle and change our relationship with the planet.

Also this means maybe we should have believed Jeremy Piven after all, when he said he was in the hospital for mercury poisoning after eating sushi, and we all thought it was just for a drug problem?

Mercury in Fish: The Lowdown

The main source of mercury to most of the streams tested, according to the researchers, is airborne emissions from coal-fired power plants. The mercury released from smokestacks here and abroad rains down into waterways, where natural processes convert it into methylmercury - a form that allows the toxin to wind its way up the food chain into fish...

above is an older report about mercury concentration in fish, from earlier this year.

Mercury in Fish: The Lowdown

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