March 7, 2010

The Smurfs Movie: Perry is Smurfette?

Pop star Katy Perry, known for her Jessica Rabbit-like curves, will soon be hitting the big screen in cartoon form according to reports.

Perry will be lending her voice to the Smurfette role in the upcoming Smurfs movie, according to the latest scoops.

The singer is also known for her engagement to British comic Russell Brand, will be following her beau's footsteps into acting for the first time.

The big screen adaptation of the Smurfs is also said to have George Lopez lined up as Grouchy smurf, with Alan Cumming as Gusty Smurf.

Veteran comic actor Jonathan winters will also return to play Papa Smurf, as he did in the original cartoon. Neil Patrick Harris will play a live-action character who interacts with the smurf world.

The Smurfs Movie: Perry is Smurfette?

According to a recent report at, the little blue people known as the Smurfs are making their way onto the big screen soon. Yes that's right folks; there is going to be a movie made that is all about those little blue lovable characters. And the word is that 25-year old American singer Katy Perry - who is now engaged to British comedian Russell Brand - is among a number of actors, who are currently in talks to appear in the movie, which will be a mixture of animation and live action....

The Smurfs Movie: Perry is Smurfette?

Posted at March 7, 2010 2:25 PM