April 2, 2010

Michelle McGee Earned $30,000 for Story

The woman who joined Jesse James in cheating on Sandra Bullock has expressed anger about the public judging her, but now details are emerging of the deals she herself made to make her story public.

The tattoo model and all-around suspicious character reportedly earned $30,000 to tell the story that (for the moment at least) broke up Sandra Bullock;'s marriage to James.

"Bombshell" McGee has been complaining and crying about all the negative attention she has received, and insisting people are wrong to judge, but if you chose to make money, and even earned $30,000, off of putting your story out there then you have to take whatever comes with that. You made your proverbial bed, Michelle.

The scandal continues to grow around Jesse James and the women he allegedly cheated with. His marriage to Sandra Bullock is on the rocks after the first revelation, Bombshell McGee, who revealed she had an 11-month affair with him, and now it appears at least 3 other women have been seeing him.

Bullock was heartbroken by these revelations right after her emotional win of an Oscar, and now has moved out of their home and is living with other family while reportedly planning to file for divorce. There has been much speculation about their prenup as well which it is confirmed they did sign in 2005.

Jesse James Cheating Scandal

According to McGee's father she says she was led on by James, and made to believe he and Bullock were breaking up already. "She was under the impression they weren't seeing each other. She felt betrayed. She felt like she was going to have a relationship and this happened and she was mad. "I don't think they're on speaking terms right now. She's more or less taking up her own business right now, and she's not really concerned about Jesse and Sandra." Michelle was reportedly paid $30,000 for her revelations and has not since been in contact with Jesse, 40.

Jesse James Cheating Scandal

Posted at April 2, 2010 8:32 AM