May 14, 2010

Kendra and Hank News?

Are Kendra and Hank splitting up because of the sex tape scandal?

Former Playboy star Kendra Wilkinson has been in the news for the leak of a sex tape that shows her with several different men, in her younger days. The constant chatter about this sex tape leak has been an embarrassment to both of them, and is now rumored to be putting their marriage on the rocks.

Reportedly Hank Baskett is feeling pressure to leave the relationship, according to a supposed inside source: "Hank is totally upset and embarrassed. The main reason he's embarrassed is his team's [possible] reaction. He needs to concentrate on his career right now, and this just creates more distractions for him."

No word yet on how the se video was obtained, and no official word on a breakup of the marriage yet, though divorce lawyers and tabloid reporters are already circling like vultures. Hopefully they can weather the storm and keep the relationship together though.

Kendra and Hank: Sex Tape Split?

Kendra Wilkinson's relationship with husband Hank Baskett is on the rocks after her alleged sex tape with multiple partners emerged, say sources. The former Playmate's spouse is reportedly planning to split with her, as he is furious that she was shopping the video around, in 2008, when they were already engaged to be married, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Kendra and Hank: Sex Tape Split?

Posted at May 14, 2010 7:30 AM