June 15, 2010

Matt Roloff Heart Attack?

The internet was buzzing this morning with reports that Matt Roloff, one of the stars of 'Little People, Big World' had suffered a heart attack and possibly even died.

But now the facts are coming out bit by bit, and it appears the little man's health situation is stil a-ok. Apparently the rumors and speculation that he might be in the hospital started with the end of a recent episode where he is seen lying on the ground as the show comes to a close.

Glad to see he is alive and well! Roloff is one of the few truly deserving stars on reality TV and we hope he has years of success to come.

Matt Roloff Heart Attack?


Fans of the hit reality TV show starring Matt and Amy Roloff, Little People, Big World, have been searching the net for answers to what happened when Matt was lying on the ground at the end of the last episode. Worried that Roloff may have suffered a heart attack and possibly died, Internet bloggers hit cyberspace to speculate and spread rumors that Roloff was dead. Roloff and his wife dispelled the rumors by posting a recent photo of Matt... discrediting rumors that he's suffering in the hospital, or possibly even dead.

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Matt Roloff Heart Attack

Posted at June 15, 2010 9:44 AM