June 15, 2010

Oregon Boy Investigation (VIDEO)

An Oregon boy who has been missing for 10 days, he now being considered the possible victim of a crime, and the police have shifted to a criminal investigation.

"With the search-and-rescue mission completed at this time, we are moving operations toward the criminal investigative end of the spectrum, While we still are keeping all options open, it is a natural progression to move the overall focus to a criminal case."

The family of the boy who has been the center of the missing persons case spoke as well, thanking their many supporters in the public, and the media for spreading the word about their situation. Here's hoping for a miracle for this family and their child.

Oregon Boy Investigation: Crime?

After 10 days of extensive searching and following up on hundreds of tips, the case of a missing Oregon boy has been classified as a possible crime, authorities announced Sunday. Until this point, law enforcement authorities had called the investigation into the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman a missing endangered child case and indicated there was no evidence of criminal activity. Kyron was last seen the morning of June 4 walking down the hallway of Skyline Elementary School in Portland as he headed to his second-grade classroom, his stepmother has told investigators, according to police.

Posted at June 15, 2010 3:00 AM