July 11, 2010

Kitten Survives Shipping to China

A brave little kitty cat had an amazing adventure this month, as it survived a journey of as many as 45 days trapped shipping container going from China to Canada!

A workder who helpd find the cat said it was "pretty distressed and very, very thin, and had been meowing for weeks. We had to empty the entire container before being able to reach the cat, because (she) jumped and hid in a corner that was unreachable."

Cat experts from the humane society said they were not sure how the cat could have survived so long without food or water readily available. They speculated the cat might have found mice and such wandering around the container. However it survuved, the kitty will now be a beloved pet for one of the recipients of the shipment!

Kitten Survives Shipping to China

Workers at a Canadian import business said a cat was trapped in a container
shipped from China for as many as 45 days. Amy Bindman, an interior designer at Calgary, Alberta, import business ICON Stone and Tile, said the calico cat survived the journey from China, which she said takes an average 30 to 45 days, in a steel shipping container loaded with granite slabs and wood bracing, the Calgary Herald reported Friday.

Kitten Survives Shipping to China

Posted at July 11, 2010 8:00 AM