July 28, 2010

Melissa Rycroft Pregnant (VIDEO)

Big news from Melissa Rycroft, one of the most beloved Bachelor stars: she has officially announced she is pregnant!

Melissa, who also wowed audiences on Dancing With The Stars after she was infamously done wrong by the bachelor who turned out to be a scoundrel, made the big happy family announcement on Good Morning America. She and her husband are welcoming a bouncing new baby later this year.

Said Rycroft: "Apparently Tye and I wanted to see how many life-changing events we could fit into one calendar year. From getting engaged, married, new job, and we are now pregnant." With any luck they should be coming home from the hospital natal ward with a healthy and beautiful little one, best of luck to them!

Melissa Rycroft Pregnant (VIDEO)

Former "Bachelor" contestant and "Dancing With the Stars" alum Melissa Rycroft is pregnant. The 27-year-old made the announcement Wednesday on Good Morning America. Rycroft said she and her 29-year-old insurance agent husband, Tye Strickland, "weren't even trying." The two were married in December. "He wanted the kids right away, and I was laughing at him going, 'No, not ready!'" Rycroft is due in February. This is the first child for both.

Melissa Rycroft Pregnant (VIDEO)

Posted at July 28, 2010 2:41 PM