July 28, 2010

Shoplifting Job Applicant: Crazy!

This could be the most brazen shoplifting story ever: A woman applying for a job at a retail store stole an outfit form that store, and wore it to her job interview!

The woman was applying for a job at a store in Ontario, Canada, and got noticed only when she shoplited a second time on her way out from that interview.

To make matters even more comical, she was tracked down by the police in an even more absurd way: "Police attended the store and, as they say in their press release, "easily identified the thief using her resume."

Perhaps she is just going through hard times and desperate in these economic dog days, and had no clothes to wear to the job interview. But you gotta at least resist stealing the second time around!

Shoplifting Job Applicant

A lady goes to a store to apply for a job. On the way out, she steals an outfit. She wears the outfit to her interview and does not get caught, until she shoplifts again. On her way out. Again. Is this a story about the cycle of poverty, a woman with kleptomania, or a dumb criminal? Officials in Barrie, Ontario are optimistic about finding the lady.

Shoplifting Job Applicant

Posted at July 28, 2010 2:28 PM