July 27, 2010

Gosselin Custody Settlement (NEWS)

A new development in the ongoing marriage/divorce saga of the Jon and Kate Gosselin, with reports that they have finally reached a custody settlement that decides the future of their 8 beautiful kids.

The details that their attorneys worked out in family court are confidential, but the custody settlement agreement that they negotiated is said to bring a truce and an agreement on who takes care of them when, and what happens with current and past child support.

The two were stars of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality show until their breakup changed the show to simply Kate Plus 8. Marriage counseling and all the help they could find was not enough to keep the marriage together, but hopefully now they are beginning to move on and set up a stable situation for themselves and their kids. Best of luck to them!

Gosselin Custody Settlement

The epic child custody war between Jon and Kate Gosselin is officially over. The former spouses/stars of Jon and Kate Plus 8 have reached a settlement agreement. The terms are extremely confidential, but the new deal replaces their previous one, in which Jon was on the hook for child support he could not pay. Jon filed documents in a Pennsylvania court asking for custody of their eight kids in April, looking to renegotiate those child support payments. He then dropped that lawsuit and sought a truce with Kate, which he apparently got.

Gosselin Custody Settlement

Posted at July 27, 2010 8:01 PM