July 26, 2010

Pet Dog Released Into Wild (PHOTOS)

A beloved pet dog was released into the wild by mistake this week, after authorities mistakenly identified it as a coyote, somehow.

The humane society had found the Shiba Inu breed, 11 years old, after it went missing from its loving family. The pet owners put up posters all around town for their lost dog but it was not traced back to them in time. It was picked up by an officer, and brought to the humane society, who should specialize in proper care for pets but could not identify it as a regular domestic pet dog, and somehow thought it was a coyote though it was clear in the photos this was not the case. A horrible mistake, as now the dog is gone, and the family has little hope of finding it again.

For photos of the lovable dog that is clearly not a coyote, see below. What a sad story for any animal lover or pet owner!

Pet Dog Released Into Wild: Oops! cbs

An American Kennel Club-registered dog has been turned loose in the wild after the Frankfort Humane Society mistook her for a coyote. Copper is a female Shiba Inu. Lori Goodlett told The State-Journal her pet of 11 years disappeared from her fenced back yard on July 3. It was after she put up posters that a police officer recognized Copper as the dog he had taken to the shelter. A shelter worker later called police and said it had to be picked up because coyotes weren't allowed there.The department turned the animal loose behind a home improvement store after consulting with a wildlife expert who said coyotes were nuisance animals and should be returned to the wild or killed.

Posted at July 26, 2010 7:01 AM