July 25, 2010

Dead Woman Found Alive: Guerra Miracle

A woman who was officially declared dead, has turned out to be alive after all, after a car accident was thought to have left her gone forever.

The woman, Abby Guerra, was in a terrible accident, in which one person died and two others were in critical condition. The family was told she had died, and was planning her funeral, when it turned out that she actually was still in the hospital in criticam condition in the ER , and receiving medical treatment.

Great news for them. but heartbreak for the other family who was sitting by one woman's bedside thinking it was their loved one, and now it turns out their loved one was already deceased and they were praying and hoping next to some other person's hospital bed the whole time.

Dead Woman Found Alive: Guerra

A woman who was pronounced dead has been found to be alive. Abby Guerra, 19 was in a car wreck with her friends coming home from a trip to Disneyland. They crashed on July 18. What is being called a medical mix-up found Guerra's family preparing for the funeral of their living daughter after they were told Abby was dead. One passenger died in the wreck while two others were taken to the hospital with severe head injuries. Officials told Guerra's family she had died. The Arizona family went through believing their daughter was dead, but it was a mistake.

Dead Woman Found Alive: Guerra

Posted at July 25, 2010 3:58 PM