July 25, 2010

Man Struck by Lightning, Revived!

A miracle in Massachusetts, as a man was directly struck by lightning, fell to the ground without a heartbeat, but was amazingly revived right on the scene and brought back to life.

The man was working at a nursery in Dartmouth when a thunderstorm came through, and the man tried to run to his pickup truck to safely hide out from the lightning. But he didn't make it in time and was struck by a lightning bolt. Luckily coworkers were able to run up immediately and revive him.. Quite a lucky scene, and heroic work from his comrades.

Man Struck by Lightning, Revived

Authorities say an employee at a Dartmouth nursery was revived by coworkers after being struck by lightning during a series of thunderstorms that swept across Massachusetts. District Fire Chief Timothy Andre tells The Standard-Times that workers at Sylvan Nursery were advised to take cover when a storm moved through early Monday afternoon. A man identified by police as 37-year-old James Gallant of Westport was running to his pickup truck for shelter when a bolt of lightning either hit the ground or his truck, then struck him.

Man Struck by Lightning, Revived

Posted at July 25, 2010 1:59 PM