July 28, 2010

$69 Hot Dog! (PHOTO)

A NY restaurant is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for their feats of gourmet eating, specifically in the form of a $69 hot dog!

The incredible dog, seen in a photo at the link below, is full of fancy ingredients like truffles, foie gras, and truffle butter. Hopefully it also comes with a good health insurance plan for the instant heart condition it will cause.

The same restaurant also holds the world record for the most expensive Ice cream sundae, which they sold for a whopping $1,000. I'm not sure what could possibly have been in that dessert that boosted the price so high. But I'd love a taste!

$69 Hot Dog! (PHOTO)

"It was great. Great flavor," said tourist Trudy Tant, 49, who played a key role in helping a Manhattan restaurant savor another Guinness World Record. Tant, of Rock Hill, S.C., said she was outside Serendipity 3 on E. 60th St. Friday morning - National Hot Dog Day - when owner Stephen Bruce asked her to spend her dough on the pricey frankfurter. The publishing company worker said she relished the opportunity "to do something out of the ordinary." The haute dog, prepared by head chef Joe Calderone, comes with truffle oil, a salted pretzel bed, truffle butter, duck foie gras, Dijon mustard, Vidalia onions and ketchup. Tant paid for the foot-long with Guinness World Records official Kimberly Patrick looking on.

$69 Hot Dog! (PHOTO)

Posted at July 28, 2010 6:12 AM