October 17, 2010

1 Billion Tropical Disease Victims

Did you know that as much as 1 Billion people in the world suffer from debilitating trpoical diseases? That is the stunning number of how many of the poorest people on our planet.

Some of the many deadly health problems faced by impoverished people include Dengue, Rabies, and Leprosy.

One expert said "They cause massive but hidden and silent suffering, and frequently kill, but not in the numbers comparable to the deaths caused by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria."

1 Billion Tropical Disease Victims

The World Health Organization estimated Thursday that 1 billion of the world's poorest people suffer from neglected tropical diseases such as dengue, rabies and leprosy that remain concentrated in remote rural areas and urban slums despite being mostly eradicated from large areas of the world. WHO said it can substantially reduce those numbers with the help of drug donations from the pharmeceutical industry, which announced fresh pledges.

1 Billion Tropical Disease Victims

Posted at October 17, 2010 6:26 AM