October 17, 2010

Cameron, Jolie: Cleopatra 3D! (VIDEO)

Could Angelina Jolie be playing Cleopatra in 3D? That's what James Cameron is said to be planning, if he takes over the new Queen of the Nile movie.

The role was originally taken by Liz Taylor, with her real life Husband Richard Burton in the co-lead as Marc Anthony, and now Brad Pitt is rumored to be considering the part alongside Angelina in the new version.

And king of the world James Cameron is also reportedly in talks to take the helm as director, but none of this is confirmed yet. See below for the latest scoop!

Cameron, Jolie: Cleopatra 3D! (VIDEO)

The Avatar director is in early negotiation with Sony Pictures to direct a new biopic of the Queen of the Nile in 3D, Deadline reports. Sony Pictures bosses decided to fast-track its 3D Cleopatra project after screenwriter Brian Helgeland wrote what was is being described as a "brilliant script deserving of epic treatment" all about "what the Romans took from Egypt". Elizabeth Taylor famously portrayed Cleopatra on screen opposite her husband to be Richard Burton in the 1963 film, and Brad Pitt's name has already been linked to the part of Roman warrior Marc Antony.

Cameron, Jolie: Cleopatra 3D! (VIDEO)

Posted at October 17, 2010 5:52 AM