February 6, 2006

Rare Unaired "Munsters" Pilot (Grandpa R.I.P.!)

In tribute to the great Grandpa Al Lewis, who I had the honor of working with at WBAI, here's a Munsters rarity, the original pilot that never aired.

"3 different versions of this episode were filmed. The first was filmed in 1963, and was only 15 minutes in length. It was filmed in color, and featured a slightly different cast. When this didn't sell, CBS went back to the drawing board. A 2nd pilot was filmed in 1964, this time in black and white, and full length. The show sold, but "My Fair Munster" ended up not being the pilot episode ("Munster Masquerade" ended up being the pilot episode). CBS edited the episode to a little over 25 minutes, added a new theme song, and reshot all scenes involving Eddie Munster (different makeup and everything). This is the episode before everything was changed."

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Another great voice silenced.

What is the "saxaphone" theme song Grandpa Al used on his WBAI radio show? Tthe energy in that song seemed to personify him.

Posted by: r_terr at February 17, 2006 10:37 AM