February 4, 2009

VIDEO: Dre Kirkpatrick picks Alabama (College Football)

One of the big stories from today's college football signing day, ad Dre Kirkpatrick goes to Alabama:

VIDEO: Dre Kirkpatrick picks Alabama (College Football)

Dre Kirkpatrick, though, did provide the best line of the day in explaining why he chose Alabama over Texas. First, he thanked God; nothing wrong here whatsoever, but one of his relatives let out a from-the-diaphragm "YEAHHHH," as if he were thanking his favorite wrestler or something. Second, he asked the crowd "Are y'all ready?" He then picked up the Texas hat and said:

This hat here? It ain't got no swagger.

There will be video of this (UPDATE: We got it, after the jump), and you will believe that it happened. Kirkpatrick then rooted through a duffel bag, which had a garbage bag inside it, which had a red box inside it, which finally revealed an Atlanta Braves cap. Kirkpatrick plans to protect Chipper in the fourth spot in the lineup and provide some much needed defense at the centerfield position.

VIDEO: Dre Kirkpatrick picks Alabama (College Football)

Posted at February 4, 2009 8:46 PM